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7 Reasons To Change Your Hair Colour This Autumn

Autumn has returned in all it’s colourful glory, and beautiful golden leaves decorate the trees to make us love those autumnal walks. After a series of sunny summer months, you may feel like a change as you move into a new season. Before you make your next appointment at the Cool Creative salon, check out our 7 reasons to change your hair colour this Autumn and the ideal colours to match. 

1. Rooted Citrine Blonde For Lighter Skin Tones

Rooted Citrine Blonde Hair

With the summer months gone, it won’t be long until your skin tone starts to change from the healthy, tanned tone it held from July through August. Ask your stylist to opt for a series of natural, buttery tones can help as we transition into Autumn.

2. Copper Blonde To Match The Season

Copper Blonde Hair

The leaves do paint a wonderful picture-postcard look in forests and parks across the country. There is no doubt how some women whose hair has a natural copper look at home in an autumnal setting. If those strawberry blonde tones inspire you as the shorter days start to dawn on us, consider a redder colour this Autumn. The warm, glowing amber look will see you through as a transitional shade.




3. Opal Shine For Sun-Lightened Hair 

Opal Shine For Sun-Lightened Hair

If your summer look has started to turn brassy after being lightened by the sun, you could consider going for a straight-up opal pearlescent shine. Marrying cooler-toned blonde colour with a subtle grey shade can help you shine this Autumn.

4. Amber All Round For Hassle Free Style

Amber-Slate Hair

Many ladies love to have a hassle-free hairstyle ahead of the craziness of Christmas and the holiday season. If this sounds like you, ask your hairstylist about creating the perfect amber slate look. Blending warm and cool blonde tones to create an amber tone can work for all skin tones for a hassle-free Autumn.

5. Devilishly Deep Chocolate To Separate Summer From Autumn

Deep Chocolate Shoulder-Length Hair

If you are not looking for a lighter colour to transition into Autumn, why not consider something a little deeper. A deep chocolate base tone with subtle highlights can give you the depth you’ve been looking for as those evenings draw in.

6. Face-Framing Trend To Bolster Your Summer Tan

Face-Framing Hair To Bolster Your Summer Tan

Your tan may be fading after a holiday abroad this summer, but one trend can help brighten up your look.  A series of face-framing highlights can accentuate your complexion and give you a highlighted style that many celebrities have chosen this year. It is also less intense than highlighting all of your hair.

7. Fire Frenzy To Keep Things Looking Hot

Fiery Red Hair Keeps Things Classy and Hot

As the temperature cools, some households feel the desire to light the fire on Autumnal evenings. If that sounds delightful to you, why not try a fiery red tone on your head? With a style like this, you can tame or fan the flames to your taste through Autumn 2019.

Autumn’s golden colours and autumnal walks give many of us a welcome change from sun, sea, and sand. As you check our salon services list make your next appointment at the salon, why not consider one of our 7 reasons to change your hair this Autumn?

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