How to Avoid Hair Colour Regrowth 

The ‘just stepped from the salon’ feeling after a new cut and colour is a great confidence booster. After a few weeks, the thrill can fade as the natural cycle of hair growth causes the style to lose its shape, volume and roots start to show. The obvious solution would be to schedule regular salon appointments like clockwork but frequent colouring can take a toll on hair condition.

What are the available options to get a great cut and a low maintenance colour whilst maintaining or even improving hair condition?  

1. Ombre versus Balayage

You’ve probably heard of or had Ombre or Balayage hair colour. These are the two most well known low maintenance colour services. They are traditional colouring methods which use a combination of bleach and toner. What is the difference between the two? Is one better than the other? 


2. Ombre 

In short, Ombre is more of a hair colour style that creates a gradual but relatively short transition from a deeper colour to lighter ends. 

The Ombre effect is created when colour, typically a lightener is horizontally applied to a section of hair and the brush is moved in an upwards direction to soften the line. This produces the dark to light roots finish of Ombre.

3. Balayage 

Balayage is a hair colour technique meaning it can be used for multiple different colour styles. The word originates from the French for ‘sweep’. That’s why you see colourists applying colour onto hair using a vertical sweeping movement when you book a Balayage service. 

The simple difference between Ombre and Balayage is style versus technique.

Both the Ombre style and Balayage technique are relatively low maintenance colour services and help avoid the dreaded strip of colour regrowth. However they don’t address three other important factors that prolong the ‘fresh out of the salon’ look and feel - hair condition, shine and volume. 

4. Beyond Balayage to Conseil Degradé 

There is a new innovative way to colour hair that goes beyond Balayage and it’s an Italian colouring technique called Conseil Degradé

Conseil Degradé will create natural beautiful colour shades, according to your wishes and will surpass results using traditional colouring techniques.  This technique applies colour in a vertical application which gives a more natural effect and the regrowth is less obvious*. 

However, the real difference between Balayage and Conseil Degradé is Conseil Degradé creates a bespoke artisan looking colour, a long-lasting shine while improving hair condition. 


5. Conseil Degradé for Colour and Condition

The Conseil Degradé colouration process helps rebuild the structure of hair making hair soft and full-bodied. Conseil Degradé can darken, lighten, tone, polish, cover up to 100% of white hair and restructure the hair in one single session using this technique!

During a Conseil Degradé service, we can blend up to 5 different colours resulting in glorious beautiful colour and incredibly shiny hair.

The products we use in Degradé are designed to strengthen and protect during the colouring phase, allowing the hair to be lightened without damaging its structure and making it even more full-bodied.

You’ll find the colour gloss will improve over time instead of fading like a normal colour. In fact, your hair will become better each time you have the Conseil Degradé service. 


6. Conseil Vertical Cut, Volume and Movement

The Conseil Degradé colour and a vertical cut is the crème de la crème or gold standard for hair colour, condition, volume and movement.

A vertical haircut is a texturising technique that gives natural movement for a glamorous movie star hair swish.  It creates a balance of overall volume resulting in more body and softness. Another advantage is your hairstyle and blow-dry will last longer.

Conseil Degradé colour combined with a vertical cut creates a light and dark effect, an alternation of light and shadow, a unique graduated hair colour, suitable for every woman and every type of hair. 

7.  Results & Expert Training 

We understand there’s always a bit of uncertainty to try a new technique or salon. 

Why should you try Conseil Degradé at Cool Creative Chelsea?

For a start, it takes two years of specific training in Italy before a hairstylist can be authorised to perform the Conseil Degradé service, so you know you are in expert hands with our stylist. 

In addition to the intensive Conseil Degradé training, the rest of our team have also been finalists for L’Oreal Colour Trophy for the last 3 years. 

If you want to avoid hair colour regrowth and dream of beautiful, shiny colour with body and movement, then call our salon 020 7591 0400 to make a Conseil Degradé colour and cut appointment with Francesco.

You can find us at Kings Walk, 122 King’s Rd Chelsea London SW3 4TR 

* The exception being a dramatic colour change for white hair, however, the regrowth will be blended not with a traditional harsh line. 

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