The Best Hairstyles for Fine, Thin Hair

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

If you are faced with the perennial problem of trying to find a hairstyle that suits your very fine and thin hair, then we feel your pain. Fringes, curls and layers never seem to sit right, because your hair just doesn’t have the weight and bulk that ladies with thicker hair are blessed with.

However, all is not lost. We have some great solutions that, unless you want to rock the Ripley in Alien look, will give your fine, thin hair more volume and definition than ever before. Once you're inspired, visit the Cool Creative Services page and get in touch! We'll book you in and have you looking great!

Higher than High Pony

One very effective way to add lots of sumptuous volume in your hair is by tying your pony high on your head, close to the crown, similar to Ariana Grande’s signature style. To add more texture and volume, try using our Cool Creative Texture Spray on your roots before blow-drying. Even better, if you have long enough hair, rather than using an elastic or scrunchy of some kind, you could use your hair to wrap and tie up your pony, lending to the illusion of a head full of thick and luscious hair. Finish with a like application of our Cool creative Texture Spray to keep any loose hairs in place. 

French Braid With an Asymmetrical Twist

You can hide the fact that your hair is not quite as thick and dense as you would love it to be, by doing something interesting with French braiding. Pulling the hair back and brushing it into an almost side parting, you then braid it on one side, giving a gorgeous look where your hair sits out from your scalp, but doesn’t look messy or unrefined. Our Cool Creative Sea Salt Spray creates a messy, undone look, adding volume, texture and control. Great for thickening fine hair.

Check out celebrity stylist Sarah Potema’s asymmetrical braids to the right. 

Add Height to a Pixie Cut

If you are rocking particularly short hair at the moment, in a pixie cut or similar, similar to the Cara Delevingne’s style, who says men have to have all the fun with clay and pomade? We have six different Cool Creative clays, pomades and pastes to add volume, texture and control, with either a gloss or matte finish.

Get yourself a tub and add a tiny amount of your favourite hair stiffener onto the fringe and pull/push the hair back so it’s sticking up quite a bit. The height gives the illusion that your hair is much thicker than it actually is.

Lengthen Out That Bob

There is a reason why so many celebs opt for lengthy bobs when they are dealing with thin and fine hair. It almost immediately adds volume and dimension, that’s why! When you are next in seeing your stylist, try asking for some nice texture-rich layers in your bob to give it an almost unkempt and shaggy look that will give you an effortlessly chic vibe.

When you combine a long bob cut with Conseil Degrade colour service, it can create the illusion of even fuller hair.

Accessorise That Do, Girls

One way to hide the fact your hair is not the thickest in the world is by pinning it up and then accessorising with a headband (preferably one that matches your outfit). We particularly like a good bejewelled one, especially for special occasions. It’s also wise to try and pick the colours that will work well with the tone of your hair.

Check out how a couple of cast members from Pretty Little Liars have used this trick as seen on Lucy Hale’s Instagram account by clicking the image above.

If you are a dark brunette, for example, opt for deep blue, purple and red-brown, whereas if you are blonde, pale pink or even yellow will do the trick. Redheads unsurprisingly should consider red or even a deep magenta.

Even with fine, thin hair, you can still dazzle with the suggestions above. Execute one of the looks above just right and no-one will even notice your wispy hair or alternatively when you next visit our salon, ask our hairdressers for tips on styling fine hair and the best products to achieve the look. 


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