Fun and Stylish Up Dos and Party Hairstyles for Christmas and New Years Eve 2020

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

When those party invites arrive, one of the first things women think of is how to style their hair. Choosing a hairstyle can prove to be a bigger dilemma than choosing the outfit! We’ve got four party hairstyles and up-dos to inspire you, all you need to do is choose a style and get booked in with Cool Creative


We’ve called this head-turning up do the ‘Victory Hawk’ because it reminds us of a mohawk made up of carefully placed Victory Rolls. This style will work on almost all hair types and textures provided it is long enough. Our model Simone has 4B texture hair.

Hair needs to be clean, conditioned and blow dried before starting. If your hair is highly textured make sure it is moisturised and conditioned. Simone uses Steps 1-6 from the Olaplex range to keep her hair in tip top condition. She also uses Kerastase Nutritive Creme Magistrale as a leave-in treatment. 

Our talented hairstylist Zsuasanna created this updo using a back-comb, curling iron and hairpins.  She carefully sectioned the hair, then used her fingers, comb and curling irons to create victory rolls before securing them with pins. 

If you want to have this stunning party hairstyle done at Cool Creative Chelsea, you’ll need to set aside between 1-2 hours for an appointment depending on the length of your hair. You can either arrive with clean, straight hair or book a shampoo and blow dry beforehand. 


The reverse French braid is an ideal party hairstyle if you want a modern twist on a classic braid.  It’s also a pretty and practical updo if you think the evening could get a little hectic and want to keep your hairstyle under relative control.

With this party hairstyle, you have a couple of different ways to wear it - with the braid left long or rolled into an elegant bun at the base on the head.

Prep your hair with shampoo, conditioner and a blow dry. We recommend you use a heat protecting product before blowdrying. We used Kerastase Discipline Fluidissime. The reverse French braid was completed with feminine tendrils to frame the face and finished with Kerastase K Laque Noire.

To have this hair updo done at our salon, set aside approximately 30mins for your appointment, longer if you prefer to have your hair shampooed, conditioned and blow dried here.  


Looking for volume and braids? We think you’ll love this party hairstyle.

We’ve combined the best of both worlds with this voluminous party hairstyle. The key is preparing the hair before styling with a shampoo, condition and blow dry. The temple section was braided while the rest of the hair curled to create gorgeous volume, body and waves. 

This style is so versatile, you can easily add more volume by tousling your hair. To add extra volume and to give the waves longer lasting hold, we used Kerastase K Incroyable Blowdry. 

If you come to the salon with clean blow dried hair, an appointment for the side braid and waves will be approximately 30mins. We think this style is just the thing if you want lots of volume and cascading waves.


Still undecided which updo or party hairstyle to wear? Then the half up and half down is for you. 

The half up & half down is ultra feminine. To create this updo, we started with clean straight hair. 

Hair was then sectioned and curling tongs were used to create soft waves before the top section was loosely braided and coiled into a bun.  

This soft feminine style will take about 30mins in the salon after hair is shampooed, conditioned and blow dried.